Join an Advisory Committee

The success of WINiT is dependent upon its network of volunteers. The women and men on the Advisory Committees (forming the WINiT Leadership Team) drive our mission forward and are key to our sustainability.

There are ten Committees that include the following roles: Chairs, Coordinators, Administrators, Advisors and Members. Four are action Committees – serving our membership. Six are program delivery Committees – serving WINiT leadership and providing the operational infrastructure of the organization.

All Advisory Committees report to Dawn Repoli, Executive Director and COO. In addition, leaders of the Fund Development Committee have a seamless formal process to segment communications from any company where they may have business dealings.

Time Commitment

The time commitment for all Advisory Committees is required is between 2-4 hours a month, depending on the role. Required time includes:

  • 1 hour every other month direct committee conference call
  • 1 hour every other month entire leadership (all committees together) conference call
  • Attendance in-person annually at WINiT Annual Summit event and pre-event half day strategy session

WINiT Advisory Committees:

Career Mobility & Services – Support the efforts of companies and individuals in creating a diverse recruitment pipeline of job opportunities for women – at all levels, across the industries it serves

Communications and Social Media – Leverages communications and social media to drive awareness of WINiT and increase member engagement

Conference and Event Planning – Designs and delivers career development and networking events that provide visibility and access to senior executives

Developing Talent – Create and identify training and development opportunities to promote skill and career growth

Fund Development – Garners support from the companies who get it

Measurement & Evaluation – Identifies and tracks industry data to assess the advancement and value of the women we serve

Membership – Recruits new and retains existing members through targeted marketing programs, events, networking and social media campaigns

Mentoring and Coaching – Creates formalized mentoring and coaching programs that strategically match executives with junior professionals

On-Site Event Volunteer – Work in specific volunteer roles at on-site WINiT events

Partnership Liaison (formerly Business Office) – Provides administrative and technical support to leadership, and manages strategic relationships

Advisory Committee Positions

WINiT’s ten Advisory Committees (forming the WINiT Leadership Team) include the following positions. This structure ensures that leaders can leverage each other during periods when they have less time to donate to WINiT.

Experience: Open to women with a minimum 10 – 15 years in the travel, meeting, event and exhibition industries.
Role: Provide strategy and direction to Committee Members, Coordinators and Adminstrator.
Commitment: 2 – 4 hours per month.

Experience: Open to women with a minimum 5 – 10 years in the travel, meeting, event and exhibition industries.
Role: Main contact for Committee Monthly Progress Report documentation and website content.
Commitment: 2 – 4 hours per month.

Experience: Open to all women and men including new/junior professionals with strong organizational skills seeking a role that provides access and exposure to leaders in the travel, meeting, event and exhibition industries.
Role: Book meetings for your committee, provide documentation support, manage your committee contact listing, follow up on action items, create agendas for meetings. Report to the Director of Program Management twice each month with a committee progress report.
Commitment: 2 – 4 hours per month.

Experience: Open to women and men of all levels. Great opportunity to leverage the WINiT network to support your career while you make a difference by volunteering your time.
Role: Advance the mission of your committee, participate in meetings and provide your guidance and input, volunteer to lead additional projects as your personal time permits and where your experience can benefit the group.
Commitment: 2 – 4 hours a month.

Experience: Open to men with a minimum 15 years in the travel, meeting, event and exhibition industries.
Role: Collaborate with Committee periodically at key check-in and decision points to provide a diverse perspective on the strategy.
Commitment: 2 – 4 hours per month.

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